Cleaning the Table

Of the three gunas, to clean the table in tamas is to hate the job and to hate the table because of the trouble it’s causing, and doing a very poor job.  To do it in rajas is to do it with determination to conquer the table, and to get one’s own back or false admiration from others or to earn some money.  In tamas you hate the table, in rajas you conquer the table.

In sattwa the cleaning of the table, polishing the table, is done for its own sake and with love of the table, seeing the true nature of the table come out and shine.  The inner conviction is love.

In all of these cases there is agency.  To clean the table beyond the gunas, is when the cloth begins to move of itself and the movement will change.  It will be done by the prakriti of the Lord, and the former agent will no longer feel, ‘I’m doing it’ and is a witness.

The instant satisfaction has both meanings.  It’s enjoyed on the instant and in fact it only lasts an instant.














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