Doshas which torment beings

12 Now we exemplify the doshas which torment beings:

13 Anger, thrill, irritation, greed, delusion, self¬display,
spite, false speech, over-eating, back¬biting, jealousy,
lust and hate, loss of self¬possession, absence of yoga.

Anger is the disturbance of the mind when beaten or shouted at and so on, and it is shown by trembling of the limbs and sweating and the like.

thrill is the reverse of that, arising when something longed for is attained, and shown by tears and movement of the hair and similar signs.

irritation is the particular mental change when something undesired happens.

greed is coveting the property of others, and refusal to use one’s own when the time comes.

delusion (moha) is inability to distinguish what ought to be done and what ought not.

self-display is showing off one’s own virtues.

spite is seeking to do what others do not want.

false speech is saying what is not true.

over-eating means beyond the proper measure.

back-biting is secretly pointing out the faults of others,

jealousy is resentment at their good points.

lust is desire for unlawful intercourse with women.

hate is the ill-will against those who obstruct one.

loss of self-possession is forgetting oneself.

All these from anger onwards are absence of yoga, for there is no samadhi in them and they are a kind of distraction of the mind. They are shaken off on the basis of yoga.

Then what are the yogas?

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