Fly spiritually shut your eyes and grow wings

The wings are the powers of steadying and concentrating the purified mind; flying is rising above the body-consciousness, and consciousness of time and space, in samadhi meditation. Gita IV… on meditation: sarvaani indriya karmaani praana-karmaani ca-apare aatma samyama yoga-agnau juhvati – jnaana-diipite.
All the activities of the senses, and activities of prana (vital currents), Others pour as a sacrifice into the yoga fire of self-control, which has been lit by Knowledge.

From outside, this is like a trance state, as Dr. Shastri called it. It is oblivious of the outside world: this is what he means by shutting the eyes while flying. But it is blazing inside with the fire of the coming Knowledge. Shri Dada says, ‘while you have consciousness of time and space, you will not see Atman (Supreme Self)’.

All the actions of the senses, both the receiving senses and the senses of activity, and the functions of the life-currents, are sacrificed, offered, in the yoga meditation of samadhi and then dash yourself against a mountain peak

The high samadhi is forgetting time, space and other associations, even the awareness ‘I am meditating’. Meditator, meditation, and object-of-meditation are lost in Self.

In the ancient Karika commentary to the Mandukya Upanisad, it is said that at this point, the yogin requires great courage, He feels he is being driven to self-annihilation. In fact, it is entry to existence as the Supreme Self, but unless he has practised hard for a long time, and has faith in his teacher, he may not find himself ready to lose the only self he knows, as he thinks it to be.

There is a doctrine that at this point, the past associations with the teacher arise irresistibly in him and whirl him through that final instant.


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