For a complete change, you have to change yourself too

“The doctor says that I need a complete change. So I am going to Italy, to stay for a month with a family which one of my friends knows well. It’s beautiful country round there. They don’t speak English, but I know a little Italian, and they say they would like their small children to hear the real English accent a little bit. I am not to go with a companion, and I am not to meet any English people there, or fluent English-speaking Italians. So it will be a complete change. I’ve made all the arrangements.”

“Not quite all, perhaps” remarked the friend. “It won’t be a complete change if you are there yourself. For a complete change, you would have to change yourself too. What arrangements have you made for that?”

“What can I do?”

“You might take with you a text that tells you how to change your self, such as the Gita for instance.”

  © 1998 Trevor Leggett

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