God does not think

To know, without delusion, the Lord as the highest spirit, who has entered and who supports the three worlds,is to awaken to: ‘I am he.’   Before this awakening the Lord is believed to be all-pervading, as the text says;  but there is an unspoken qualification:  ‘but not here, and not in me.’  When the awakening comes, the remaining thin bonds of restriction to the body-mind complex are dissolved.

What then does it mean to say that he knows everything, and that he worships?  There is no separate-seeming self;  only the Lord is there, within and without.  He, the Lord, knows everything in the sense that he is everything.  God does not think, or know as a mental operation:  there is nothing apart, nothing  separate, for him to know as an object. But the surviving body-mind complex, though a mere shadow, can still be referred to as ‘he’; this it is which carries on the jnana-nistha worship, divinely inspired and delighting in the welfare of all beings, till its illusory separate existence finally fades away into light.

© Trevor Leggett