Illumined teachers communicate the cosmic purpose

If the mind of an aged saint to deteriorates, disciples and other devotees may be distressed. They cannot help feeling that the Buddha-light or the Yoga-jnana is weakening. Their convictions may even be shaken.

They have to realise that there the basic enlightenment is quite distinct from it’s manifestation through instruments. Imperfections or deterioration in the body-mind instruments do not involve imperfections or deterioration in the source, whose light is never diminished anymore than the sun is diminished by clouds or by shutting the eyes.

In the old army campaign telephones at first the voice was clear but as the microphones deteriorated there were miss hearings and messages had to be slow and  repeated several times. Finally in the last stages communication could still be continued by buzzing in Morse code. When it got this far Headquarters would set up another link.

Illumined teachers are animated instruments communicating the cosmic purpose. That purpose will adapt to increasing limitations in the faculties of the instrument, for instance memory, precision of thought, and so on. In the end communication can take place without words by what is called the sermon of the body. When that to comes to an end the divine finds new channels for the waters of inspiration.

© Trevor Leggett

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