Manifesting the Way in martial arts

Martial Arts

Another fractional application of the principle is in the field of the martial arts. In a way, these are better illustrations, because the result is so instantaneously apparent. There normally has to be some technical skill as a basis for the experimental field. Armed with his sword or spear, he goes against the opponent, but on this occasion to practise forgetting all his skill, forgetting desire to win or fear of losing, and in fact giving up thought altogether.

What happens? What actually happens is, that the other man scores with a blow to the head or chest, while he stands like a dummy.

What went wrong? It is this: to think of not thinking is itself a thought. So his mind was not clear like a blue sky, but clouded with “I must have no clouds: how am I doing?”

When the practice has been done many times, and if possible in the concentrated form of meditation, it comes about naturally. The results, often surprising, follow when as the ancient saying goes: The Master is not following the Way, but the Way is manifesting through him.

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