OM meditation practice programme for one day

Start 10 A.M.

1.    Touch the spot about an inch below the navel – tense the muscles and keep the attention on it. [5 minutes]

2.    Breathe OM naturally on the in and out breaths- feel the breath is there at the navel point. [10 mins]

3.    Carry on as in the previous one but there is an OM in light on the navel point. It blazes more brightly with each breath. [15 mins]

Comment: The point below the navel is called the manipura in the Indian tradition, that is the city of the jewel, – and in the Chinese and the Japanese tradition it is called the field of the elixir or the ocean of energy. This centre has been studied in Japan especially. The purpose is to provide strength.

It is a real thing unlike, say, imagining yourself being carried, lying down, in a river with willow trees along the sides. Once this is developed it changes the life. The yoga practice is a most important one. Its purpose is to give strength.

BREAK 10 Minutes (from 10.40 to 10.50 approx.)

4.    Focus on the forehead between the eyebrows. To the left is the minister of the exterior, to the right the minister of the interior: free of both is the central spot. [10 mins]

5.    Without strain there is a moon on the forehead. [10 mins]

6.    There is an OM in white on the moon. [15 mins]

BREAK for tea or coffee 30 minutes [11.30 – 12.00 approx.]

7.    Sitting in your room. The room is on fire and everything is going up in flames. Then your body too catches fire and goes up in flames. [15 mins]

8.    An OM of the colour of the moon in the forehead. [20 mins]

BREAK FOR LUNCH [12.35 – 2 pm approx.]


1.           OM in light in the navel. It brightens as you breathe naturally. [10 mins)

2.            There is a calm sea below the heart centre. [10 mins]

3.            There is a lotus in the calm water. [5 mins]

BREAK 5 mins

4.            OM in light standing on the lotus in the heart centre. [20 mins]

5.            Light in the pit of the throat shining up and shining down. [10 mins]

BREAK 5 mins

6.            OM in light in the throat. [10 mins]

7.            OM in moonlight in the forehead. [5 mins]

8.            Line of light from the top of the forehead to the navel. [10 mins]

9.            You are the light of OM and it is you: dot on the crown of the head, crescent in the forehead, & the curves on the chest and the right arm. [20 mins]

End at 4 pm approx.

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