Some who are attracted to the idea of doing some inner training take it up enthusiastically at first, but become half-hearted when they understand what is required.

‘Three hours a day?’ they cry. ‘Oh surely not. That would mean sacrificing so much. No TV watching, no cinema, very little social life – it sounds so depressing.’

This was put to a teacher, who remarked: ‘You look at it from the wrong side. What you have to give up are mosdy trivialities. Consider what you have to gain.’

‘But there will always be a hankering to enjoy oneself, even if they are trivialities.’

The teacher said: ‘Not at all. Come with me to the local judo do jo?

They went together, and the teacher asked the dojo master if they could have a word with one of the promising pupils. A young boy came across and stood in front of them. ‘How much do you practise?’ the teacher asked.

‘I get two hours in every day at the school dojo, and in the evenings and Sundays I come here. It’s all the time I can fit in.’

‘But don’t you regret giving up watching TV or the cinema, or going out with friends?’ inquired the teacher.

The boy stared at him with a puzzled frown. ‘What are you talking about?’ he said. ‘Excuse me, I want to get back,’ and he turned away to the mats.

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