When the time comes, we have to jump.

We should learn the right technique, but there is something else that judo can give us if we really train.

We have our tokui waza – this is how I am going to win. We rely on it. But the psychological training is to go in and forget all your favourite things and just throw yourself in totally. It is very difficult to do. But if you succeed in doing it, something new will come. The body seems to move by itself. And quite often it is something that you are not very expert at.

This is one of the things which the old masters stressed. That the Way comes to an end. You train and train and now you have got to forget that training and open yourself. This applies to life.

We have got our pet techniques in life.

I always look at things scientifically.’

‘Well you have got to be a bit practical, you know.’

‘Well, what about the feelings of other people?’

We keep on repeating our favourite lines.

‘I’m the one who is always thinking of other people. I am the conscience of other people.’

‘I am the one who has got cool objective scientific viewpoints.’

‘I am the one who says get on with life.’

We have got these favourite tricks which we use in life and we have got to be able to jump beyond them.


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