TPL BS talks

On Attitudes – Views – Mind 26-8-1997
Poem – On the Sea Shore of Endless World 26-8-1990
Robes of Honour 11-12-1996
Short Stories & Teachings 28-9-1996
Smacking Down the Waves 14-6-1989
Songs & Stories of the Ways
Sparks from the Heart Flint 1-9-1982
Stars and Comets
Study Class – Fragments of Stories 19-9-1989
The Breeze Hammering at the Door 25-8-1999
The Five Hindrances 15-8-1987
The Flower of the Heart 11-9-1986
The Mind Twitches 2-9-1997
The Obstacles Created by the Intellect in Understanding the Teachings – Mindfulness 26-8-1990
The Soft and the Hard 28-8-1980
The Spur 10-10-1990
The Stone Sermon 11-8-1985
The Ways 1974
Thus I Have Heard 28-10-1998
Time for Listening, Time for Learning Aug 1990
Tips and Icebergs 3-9-1983
Tokusal on Sword and Mind 15-3-1993
Tradition of the Ways 3-9-1976
Traditions of the Ways
Zen and the Ways
Zen Buddhism (4)
A Hundred Hearings Not like One Seeing 22-1-1990
A Zen Way 3-9-1993
Advice on Practice and Work with Feelings 1989
Becoming a Thing 12-8-1987
Collected Stories 22-8-1984
Early Indian Buddhism 14-12-1979
Early Indian Mahayana Buddhism 14-12-1979
Early Zen in Japan 30-8-1975
Early Zen Texts and the Ways
Fingers & Moons 25-8-1984
Hearts of Religion 27-9-1988
Indian Background to the Life of the Buddha 16-11-1983
Jottings from the Zen Master Bukko 15-1-1993
Judo Experience – Zen & More Stories 7-8-1985
Kamakura Koans
Knocking On Stone Doors 18-8-1986
Melting the Ice , Fists
My Very Own Special Path 16-8-1987
Obstacles in the Practice

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