Trevor Pryce Leggett

Trevor Pryce Leggett (1914-2000) practiced Adhyatma Yoga for over sixty years and studied for eighteen years under his teacher Hari Prasad Shastri (1882-1956) and he taught Adhyatma yoga, wrote books and articles on Yoga and Zen, and lectured to many different spiritual groups until his death on 2nd August 2000.

In Japan he studied Judo at the Kodokan (Japan’s premier Judo Institute), reaching 6th Dan, and Zen at the Engakuji Monastery. He also studied Shogi, the fascinating Japanese version of Chess, and reached the level of 5th Dan. He was for many years head of the BBC Japanese Service and received the award of the Order of the Sacred Treasure from the Japanese Government in recognition of his services to Japanese and Eastern culture.

Trevor produced many valuable books on Yoga and Zen, gave lectures to a number of different spiritual groups, including The Buddhist Society in London with which he was closely associated, and published articles widely on Yoga and Zen. When Trevor Leggett died, in his eighty-sixth year, he provided in his will for the establishment of a charitable trust which holds the copyright to all of his works, including all his books, articles and lectures.

The Trevor Leggett Adhyatma Yoga Trust (‘TLAYT’) was established on 8th March 2001 and is registered with the Charity Commission (number 1086172).

The objective of the Trust is the promotion of the knowledge of Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism, Zen, Judo and Shogi.

The Trustees have continued to develop the websites that Trevor set up when he was alive.

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