Yoga practice is a way through the world-illusion

Yoga practice is a way through the world-illusion; though the path itself is part of the illusion, it contains indications of how to get out. In the same way, when an official, say a Mayor, is going to resign from his onerous position after long years of service, he signs the various documents and goes through the formalities.. These are still actions as Mayor. But they are actions, which free him from Mayoral status. They are actions which end action.

The yogic actions, too, are special actions; they are in illusion, but they end illusion. The way is the method of purifying, steadying, and focusing the mind so that it becomes one-pointed, and then concentrated ,first on God as the universal spirit yet somehow still separate from the individual self; finally the barrier melts away and the Lord is the Self; there are not two.

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