Blue Cloud

Question:  Why worship a God who is simply a projection of the parental image by people who cannot grow up?

Answer:  The bible statement that God made man in his own image is ridiculed and reversed by so-called rationalists who say: On the contrary, man made God in man’s own image, projecting a domineering and irritable deity above the clouds.

What they mean is that man has stained one of the cloud-concepts of his imagination, and, so to speak, painted it blue. Then gullible people worship this blue cloud as if it were the blue sky of infinity.

But the truth is that the little patch of blue seen between the clouds, sometimes larger and sometimes smaller, and sometimes vanishing altogether, is not a painted blue cloud. It is a partial glimpse of an endless blue sky, beyond all the clouds, which can never be annihilated by them.

© Trevor Leggett

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