Hit back

Question:  We are told sometimes to accept the events of our lives whether as karmic consequence, or perhaps the will of God. Now, I find that very often I cannot do this. An illness or an accident – yes, perhaps with a struggle I can try to accept these things; but when it is a vicious unmotivated attack, and especially by someone whom I have helped, I cannot find it in myself to accept that calmly as karma or as the divine will. I suppose I have a combative nature, and I don’t agree with just being trampled on.

Answer:  Then let us find a response suited to your combative nature. Take it that cosmic Ignorance has motivated these attacks on you. Then immediately hit back at that Ignorance where you can most easily reach it, namely within yourself. When one of these things happens, use the energy of the resentment to tackle some spiritual undertaking which you have been putting off, or hoping to do later. Set aside half an hour a day to make a decisive effort at it and keep it up for six weeks. Make sure that the undertaking is something definite – learning a short chapter of a holy text by heart for instance, or half an hour mantra or meditation. At the end of six weeks you will have hit back at the cosmic Ignorance, and you will not feel that you have been wounded or trampled on. Your resentment will melt away, and with a bit of luck some forgiveness may be possible.

© Trevor Leggett

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