Shankara on the Yoga Sutras Third Part: Glory

Third Part: GLORY

(Vyāsa bhāṣya:) The five outer methods of the means have been explained. Now dhāraṇā (concentration) is to be spoken of.

(Śaṅkara vivaraṇa:)

The five outer methods of the means to the cognitive (samprajñāta) yoga have been explained. Now the triad of dhāraṇā (concentration), dhyāna (meditation), and samādhi, the inner methods to that end, is explained. There is a division between inner method and outer method, and so the previous Part, the Part of the Means, was concluded with explanation of the outer methods. The triad of inner methods is now given separately from that, to preserve their unity. Presenting the inner methods as means immediately after explanation of the outer ones makes clear the connection of the Parts. Now in this Part the main topic is the glories, and therefore a new and separate Part is begun; the reason for the title is thus explained.

Dhāraṇā is to be spoken of As it comes next in order immediately after Dissociation (pratyāhāra), this is the proper place for it.


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