Sit on a hilltop under the blue sky


To sit up reasonably upright, not uncomfortable.  Now to feel one is on a hilltop under the blue sky.

In your lap you have a cloth full of pebbles. Now a thought comes up – something which happened yesterday – and I mentally pick up a pebble and throw it and the thought away, so it goes rolling down the hill.

Then another thought comes up – a row that’s brewing – take the pebble and throw it away with the thought. Gone. Not wanted. Another thought: “I wonder if this will come….”.  Throw it away. Another thought:  “Oh, these things always happen to….”.  Throw it away.

Now mentally sit there.  You need not move the hands at all, but as the thoughts come up, mentally throw the thought away with the pebble.

No thought can remain long in the mind if we don’t support it with our active interest. Throw away the interest in these things and simply remain sitting on the hilltop under the blue sky with fewer and fewer thoughts.

Perhaps you would like to try…

© Trevor Leggett

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