The Torch of Eternal Truth


Now he gave to his disciples – and this is a main theme in the book – a mission. There are twenty-three references to this mission, which is to spread the light of the Gita and the holy teachings centred on the Gita to the West. I’ll read a few of them. “A new light of the torch of Eternal Truth is to be ushered into the world. A tributary of the Holy Ganges of the Gita is winding its way to Angala Desha (Britain – the place of the Angles.) Thus it has been decreed. This holy and venerable sage (Swami Krishnanadaji, Shri Dada’s teacher), is undertaking the great task.” Then again, “He has entrusted us with the mission of carrying the light far and wide to the East and the West. Find newer and newer fields for sowing the seeds of the holy Gita.” A great saint says to Shri Dada, “Narayana (this was his lay name), Narayana, for the good of the souls, the Gita must be given to Angala Desha, Narayana, Narayana.” “The Gita Shastra (in another passage) is enough to enlighten humanity. The truth of the Gita is verily the highest truth. Broadcast this truth, Narayana, distribute copies of the holy text. The truth of the Gita will be introduced in its present form to Angala Desha in this very generation. Those of you who have already incarnated there will receive it and cherish it.” There are many of these quotations – I’ve just read a few.

He says we should not have, what Swami Rama Tirtha used to call, the ‘copyrighting spirit’, as if it was only through me or in this way that it can come. He says don’t become fixed and rigid in your ideas. One of the final verses of the Gita says “The greatest service a man can do to humanity is to spread the teachings of the Gita in humility.”

Yoga is the all-powerful stream, the Holy Ganges which you represent. There are Rishis and brahmacharis who are more anxious to help than you are, but they will only help through you… Now I charge you to spread the doctrine, not only in India but in other places also… To you is given the privilege to live it and also to promulgate it. Promulgate it, my friends. If you cannot do much at the time of your meditation, imagine … that your Atman pervades all, and that, entering the heart of each and everyone, you are introducing into it the Ganges of peace.” “ I was never a pundit. All that you need by way of spiritual instruction you will find in the Holy Gita.” “There are many benevolent men who can establish hospitals, orphanages or poorhouses. Your special duty is to make a contribution of service which is most vital and which they are unable to make yet. Preach the Truth with humility and dispassion…” “The Holy Gita is the only prescription. Where are the broadcasters, wanting the men who preach in the name of the Lord with no self-interest, no narrowness, prompted by nothing but compassion. Some will reincarnate. They will be opposed, slighted, oppressed and persecuted. If they still do not complain and with spiritual love scatter the seeds of the Gita, the present sub-cycle of Kali-yuga will be turned into an upward curve towards spirituality.” And at a great meeting Shri Dada’s mission was blessed by the holy Rishis. “Shri Dada’s face was transfigured. A silence fell over the whole assembly, so that it seemed as if statues and not men were sitting there.”

These were some of the main teachings which come again and again in the book, the Shri Dada Sanghita.

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